Lombok Holiday Photo Gallery
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March/April 2005

01.Bapak Uha & Ibu Uha 02.Aam & Ibu Uha 03.Robert, Ibu Uha & Bapak Uha 04.Aam & Ibu Uha 05.Bapak Uha & Ibu Uha
Bapak Uha & Ibu Uha

Aam & Ibu Uha

Robert, Ibu Uha & Bapak Uha

Aam & Ibu Uha

Bapak Uha & Ibu Uha

06.Riding the lion 07.With the dogs 08.Children on the beach 09.Max 10.Water lily in our garden
Riding the lion

With the dogs

Children on the beach


Water lily in our garden

11.Max 12.Roxy 13.Sean 14.One works - three watch 15.Max and Aam



One works - three watch

Max and Aam