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Lombok Holiday Photo Gallery

David, Rose and Edward  --  September 2005

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01.Preparation for the big dive 02.Taking the plunge 03.Coming up for air 04.Which sauce 05.Gin tonic, Sir
Preparation for the big dive

Taking the plunge

Coming up for air

Which sauce?

Gin tonic, Sir?

06.Happy 07.Relaxing at the Office 08.Everyone relaxed 09.Relaxing on the beach 10.Look at me

Relaxing at the Office

Everyone relaxed!

Relaxing on the beach

Look at me!

11.Time for a drink 12.Are those monkeys 13.Look - one over there 14.Who -- me 15.What are those monkeys up to
Time for a drink

Are those monkeys?

Look - one over there!

Who -- me?

What are those monkeys up to?