Lombok Holiday Photo Gallery
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December 2003

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01.Arriving in Lombok 02.Getting off the boat 03.A welcome from Aam & Sean 04.Louis relaxes in the beruga 05.Jeanetta joins in
Arriving in Lombok

Getting off the boat

A welcome from Aam & Sean

Louis relaxes in the beruga

Jeanetta joins in

06.On the way to dive 07.Jeanetta's ready 08.Now you see him . . . 09.. . . now you don't 10.Jeanetta's ready to dive
On the way to dive

Jeanetta's ready

Now you see him . . .

 . . now you don't

Jeanetta's ready to dive

11.Yes, she's really ready 12.Robert thought it was funny 13.Getting back in is not so easy! 14.Found a sucker! 15.It's mine!
Yes, she's really ready

Robert thought it was funny

Getting back in is not so easy!

Found a sucker!

It's mine!