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Major Waller ASHE (of Ashgrove, Tipperary)
(1835-After 1890)


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1. Janet Hume SAWERS

Major Waller ASHE (of Ashgrove, Tipperary)

  • Born: 21 Jan 1835
  • Marriage (1): Janet Hume SAWERS on 7 Mar 1863 in Calcutta Cathedral, India
  • Died: After 1890

  General Notes:

Extract from the Hampshire Telegraph, dated Saturday, 22 January 1853
War Office: Jan. 21, 1853.
85th Foot
- Walter Ashe, Gent., to be Ensign by purchase, vice Dering, promoted.

Issued by the War Office, 28th April 1854
85th Foot, Ensign Waller Ashe to be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Armitage. Dated 28th April 1854.

Extract from the "Bristol Mercury" dated Saturday, 27 May 1854
Promotion: We are pleased to observe by a report in the Army Gazette, that Ensign Waller Ashe, son of Waller Ashe. Esq., of this city, has been promoted to a lieutenancy in the 85th regiment, a depot of which is at present stationed in Bristol. The regiment is now at the Mauritius.

Extract from the Morning Post, dated Wednesday, 8 December 1858
War Office, Pall-Mall, Dec. 7.
85th Foot - Lieutenant Waller Ashe to be Captain, by purchase, vice Coussmaker, who retires.

Extract from the Inverness Courier dated Thursday, 6 December 1860
War Office, Nov. 30 - 1st Regiment of Dragoon Guards - Captain Waller Ashe, from the 85th Foot, to be Captain, vice John Cunningham, appointed to the 12th Light Dragoons.

Extract from "The Times of India" dated 19 March 1863

Marriages: At the Calcutta Cathedral, on the 7th of March 1863, by the Rev. H. Moule, Waller Ashe, Esq., Captain, King's Dragoon Guards, to Janet Hume, eldest daughter of Alexander S. Sawyers.

Extract from "Hart's Annual Army List, Militia List, and Imperial Yeomanry List" by H.G. Hart (1864)
Captain Waller Ashe: promoted Cornet 21 Jan 1853; promoted Lieutenant 28 Apr 1854; promoted Captain 7 Dec 1858.

Extract from "The New Annual Army List and Militia List for 1869" by Colonel H. G. Hart (1869)

Captain Waller Ashe: 16 years service on full pay.
Cornet: 21 Jan 1853
Lieutenant: 28 April 1854
Captain: 7 Dec. 1858

Extract from the Morning Post dated Saturday, 17 July 1869
War Office, Pall Mall, July 16:
1st Regiment of Dragoon Guards - Lieutenant Robert James Dallin to be captain, by purchase, vice Waller Ashe, who retires.

Extract from "The London Gazette" dated 17 September 1869
Notice is hereby given that Waller Ashe, of No. 102, Picadilly, in the County of Middlesex, late a Captain in Her Majesty's Regiment of King's or First Dragoon Guards, has left in the office of the Chief Registrar of the Court of Bankruptcy, Quality-court, Chancery-lane, London, a list of his debts and liabilities, and a statement of his property and credits, as required by the Bankruptcy Amendment Act, 1868.

Extract from "The Edinburgh Gazette" dated 2 November 1869
Bankrupts from the London Gazette: Bankruptcies awarded:

Waller Ashe, of 102, Picadilly, Middlesex, prior thereto of Smithfield Street, Coventry, Warwick, prior thereto of the Barracks, Aldershot, Hants, and of the Barracks, Colchester, Essex, formerly a Captain in the First Dragoon Guards, now of no occupation, a prisoner for debt in the Debtor's Prison for London and Middlesex, Whitecross Street, London, (in forma pauperis).

Extract from "The London Gazette" dated 4 January 1870
WHEREAS a Petition for adjudication of Bankruptcy was, on the 26th day of October, 1869, filed in the Court of Bankruptcy, London, by Waller Ashe, of No. 102, Piccadilly, in the county of Middlesex, and elsewhere, formerly a Captain in the First Dragoon Guards, under which Petition the said Waller Ashe was duly adjudged a Bankrupt. Notice is hereby given, that by an Order of the said Court, bearing date the 31st day of December, 1869, the said adjudication was annulled.

"Records of the Ashe Family"
Waller Ashe, late Kings Dragoon Guards of Ashgrove, Tipperary, produced a hand-written manuscript, dated 21 January 1876, outlining the lineage of the Ashe Family.

Extract from "Records of the Ashe Family" by Waller Ashe (1876)
Captain Waller Ashe, 85th Light Infantry and Kings Dragoon Guards, of Ashgrove, born 21 January 1835, married 10 March 1863 to Janet Hume, eldest daughter of Alexander Sibbald Sawers of Dunbar, who was born 4 August 1841 and died 12 November 1875, having had:
1. Alice Elizabeth Ashe, born 1863;
2. Waller St. George Ashe, born 1865;
3. Ellen Lucinda Ashe, born 1867;
4. Alexander de Burgh Ashe, born 1869, died 1869.

Extract from Dundee Courier dated Tyesday, 14 March 1876
PERTH: General Prison for Scotland, Deputy Governorship - Major Waller Ashe, who has recently been appointed by the Secretary of State for the Home Department to the office of Deputy Governor of the General Prisons of Scotland at Perth, entered Her Majesty's army as ensign, by purchase, in the 84th King's Light Infantry, January 21st, 1853, was promoted lieutenant by purchase in the same April 28th, 1854; promoted to captain by purchase December 7th, 1858; appointed garrison adjutant at the Depot Battalion, Pembroke Dock, February 1, 1859, where he subsequently was officiating judge-advocate and brigade major until he exchanged, November 30th, 1860, to the King's Dragoon Guards, in which regiment he served nine years. During the period of eighteen years Major Ashe served with great credit regimentally and on the staff at the Mauritius, the Cape of Good Hope, and in the East Indies, and retired from active service with the sale of his commission in 1870. Major Ashe was recently offered, but declined, the post of private secretary to Sir William Jervois, G.C.M.G., Governor of the Straits Settlements, and was also strongly recommended by that officer for the appointment of superintendent of the convict establishment at Singapore. He is the author of "The Military Institutions of France", and other professional works.

Extract from "The London Gazette" dated 25 July 1876
1st Administrative Battalion Perthshire Rifle Volunteers
Waller Ashe, Esq., late Captain 1st Dragoon Guards, to be Major.
Dated 17th July 1876

Extract from "The Edinburgh Gazette" dated 17 November 1876
The Estates of Major Waller Ashe, Deputy Governor of Her Majesty's General Prison for Scotland at Perth, were Sequestrated on the 16th day of November 1876, by the Sheriff of the County of Perth.
The first Deliverance is dated 16th November 1876.
The Meeting to elect the Trustee and Commissioners is to be held at twelve o'clock noon, on Monday the 27th day of November 1876, within the Solicitor's Library, County Buildings, Perth.
A Composition may be offered at this Meeting; and to entitle Creditors to the first Dividend, their oaths and grounds of debt must be lodged on or before the 16th March 1877.
A Warrant of Protection has been granted to the Bankrupt Major Waller Ashe, till the Meeting for election of Trustee.
All future Advertisements relating to this Sequestration will be published in the Edinburgh Gazette alone.
Alex. Wilson, Solicitor, Perth, Agent.

Extract from the Falkirk Herald, dated Thursday, 4 January 1877
Apprehension of Major Waller Ashe. - Major Waller Ashe, late Deputy-Governor of the General Prison for Scotland at perth, and who recently failed to appear to undergo an examination in bankruptcy, was apprehended on Thursday. The Major arrived in Perth by the morning mail from London, and proceeded to one of the principal hotels in the city, and on this coming to the knowledge of the Chief Constable of the County, he had him apprehended, in virtue of the warrant previously granted. The Major was immediately conveyed to the Sheriff Court, and was judicially examined by Sheriff Barclay on a charge of fraudulently putting away his sequestered effects. He was committed to prison pending further investigation.

Extract from the Morpeth Herald, dated Saturday, 13 January 1877
Major Waller Ashe, ex-deputy-governor of the General Prison for Scotland, who was committed to Perth county prison on a charge of making away with his sequestered effects, has been set at liberty so far as that charge is concerned.

Extract from "The Edinburgh Gazette" dated 23 February 1877

Antoine Tull of 48 Duke Street, St. James, in the County of Middlesex, Army Exchange Agent and Military Accountant, hereby gives notice that he has, with concurrence of Baker & Crisp, Drapers, Regent Street, London, Richard Jeffs, 244 Regent Street, London, Gillott & Brewster, Clothiers, Prince Street, Hanover Square, London, J.B. Cramer & Company, Music Publishers, Regent Street, London, Mette & Price, Clothiers, Sackville Street, Piccadilly, London, and James Crack, Crown Inn, Brewer Street, Golden Square, London, presented to the Lord Ordinary officiating on the Bills, a petition for recall of the Sequestration of the Estates of Major Waller Ashe, Deputy Governor of Her Majesty's General Prison of Scotland at Perth.
Antoine Tull, Baker & Crisp, Richard Jeffs, Gillott & Brewster, J.B. Cramer & Co., Mette & Price, Jas. Crack.
Edinburgh, 19th February 1877

Extract from "The London Gazette" dated 27 March 1877
1st Administrative Battalion Perthshire Rifle Volunteers
Major Waller Ashe resigns his Commission.
Dated 28th March, 1877

Extract from "The Edinburgh Gazette" dated 18 September 1877
In the Sequestration of Major Waller Ashe, Deputy Governor of Her Majesty's General Prison for Scotland at Perth.
Donald Manson Mackay, Solicitor, Perth, Trustee in the said Sequestration, hereby calls a Meeting of the Creditors, to be held within the Office of Mr. Robert Mitchell, Solicitor, No. 16 High Street, Perth, on Saturday the 13th day of October next, at eleven o'clock forenoon, to consider as to an application to be made for his discharge.
Donald M. Mackay, Trustee
Perth, 17th September 1877

Extract from the Dundee Courier, dated Friday 4 April 1879
PERTH: Among the names noted by the Marquis of Salisbury, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, at the recommendation of the War Minister, for employment, military or administrative, in Asia Minor, is that of Major Waller Ashe, late King's Dragoon Guards, who, since his retirement from the army, has been employed under the Colonial and Home Offices. Major Ashe is author of the Military Institutions of France, and other professional works of considerable merit, and was late Deputy Governor of H.M. General Prison at Perth. United Service Gazette.

Extract from the Chelmsford Chronicle, dated Friday, 10 June 1881
We take the following from the Broad Arrow: - "The office of Chief Constable of Essex will probably become soon vacant, and among other candidates for this appointment we notice the name of Major Waller Ashe, late of Her Majesty's King's Dragoon Guards, and recently Deputy-Governor of Her Majesty's General Prison, Perth. Major Ashe's long army service and literary attainments, as well as considerable staff experience, give him many qualifications for such employment."

The Story of the Zulu War
Major Waller Ashe and Captain Wyatt-Edgell produced The Story of the Zulu Campaign, dedicating it to Empress Eugénie. After a short history of the Zulus from King Shaka's time, the book gives a resumé of the many land disputes between the Zulus and the Boers over nearly 40 years, and of the war between Cetshwayo and the British. A vivid picture is drawn of the battles, sieges and the more important incidents, including the death of the Prince Imperial and the capture of Cetshwayo. Ashe had retired from the army before the Anglo-Zulu War and probably edited accounts sent home by Edmund Wyatt-Edgell, who was killed at the final battle of Ulundi and Major Richard Marter, whom Ashe had served with in the King's Dragoon Guards. This account was first published by Sampson Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington in 1880.

A Book "Personal Records of the Kandahar Campaign"
By officers engaged therein. Edited and annotated, with an introduction, by Major Ashe, and published in 1881.

Extract from the Dundee Courier, dated 24 January 1882
Sir Donald Stewart and "Major" Ashe - I understand (says a London correspondent) that in the event of Major Waller Ashe deciding to bring an action for libel against Sir Lepel Griffin on account of that gentleman's strictures on the Major's book, "Personal Records of the Afghan Campaign", one of the documents put in for the defence at the trial would be a copy of the work in question, annotated profusely on nearly every page by Sir Donald Stewart, Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army.

Extract from the Morning Post, dated Thursday, 6 April 1882
The name of Major Waller Ashe, late King's Dragoon Guards, and late Deputy Governor of Her Majesty's General Prison for Scotland at Perth, has been placed by the Right Hon. the Chief Secretary for Ireland upon his list for the appointment of resident magistrate in Ireland. Major Waller Ashe has had a long army and staff experience, and possesses much knowledge of prison discipline and criminal investigation. He is also an Irishman by birth and descent.

Extract from Hansard, 21 April 1882, Commons Sitting, QUESTIONS:
MR. SEXTON asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Whether it is true, as reported in the "Morning Post," that the name of Major Waller-Ashe, late King's Dragoon Guards, and late Deputy Governor of Her Majesty's General Prison for Scotland at Perth, has been placed upon the list for the appointment of resident magistrate in Ireland; and, if so, whether he made previous inquiry into the past life of Major Waller-Ashe?
MR. W. E. FORSTER, in reply, said, that there was no truth in the statement as to the appointment of Major Waller-Ashe to be a Resident Magistrate in Ireland. What had happened was this. He was informed that Major Waller-Ashe had sent in an application in the usual way, and the usual answer was made that it would be sent to the Lord Lieutenant for consideration. There had been no intention of actually appointing Major Waller-Ashe; and, therefore, no necessity of making any inquiries respecting him.

Extract from "The Sportsman" dated Wednesday, 31 December 1890
The Christmas number of Life (434, Strand) must be cited among the brightest and smartest of the hardy annuals. Heinrich Felbermann has a thoroughly romantic sketch, "My Dream", and Mr. William Davenport Adams a tale of the stage, while among other contributors figure Violet Greville, Frank Heather, and Major Waller Ashe, who talks about pantomimes and traces the origin of the form of Christmas entertainment to its furthest point, which is not more remote than the representations of the Osci, the aboriginal inhabitants of Italy, who sat out plays and yawned between the acts before Romulus and Remus were ever thought of.

Waller married Janet Hume SAWERS, daughter of Alexander Sibbald SAWERS and Elizabeth Jane MIDDLEMAS, on 7 Mar 1863 in Calcutta Cathedral, India. (Janet Hume SAWERS was born 4 Sep1841 in Calcutta, Bengal, India, christened on 5 Jan 1842 in Calcutta, Bengal, India, died on 13 Nov 1875 in Alcombe, Dunster, Somerset, England and was buried on 20 Nov 1875 in Langley Burrell Churchyard, Langley Burrell, Wiltshire, England.)

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